Quick Study: Chelsea snaps, reading links

As I traipse around the galleries, catch up on the backlog letters in the InBox, and read the blogs via my new Feedly RSS reader (so nicely designed!), I like to post images and links to the Two Coats Twitter and Instagram feeds. Here’s a selection of links from the past week—->

Paul Resika, detail. @ Lori Bookstein instagram.com/p/eN1KV1Jf-i/

Kerry James Marshall @ Jack Shainman instagram.com/p/eNy5elJf6r/

Barry McGee @ Cheim & Read instagram.com/p/eNw1gmpf3U/

William Pope.L @ Mitchell-Innes and Nash. Colored Waiting Room

The other Matt Miller @ BravinLee instagram.com/p/eNtiExpfy2/

Leslie Baum @BravinLee instagram.com/p/eNtdqrpfyu/

Tree protector on W 29th street instagram.com/p/eNrY3RJf_Y/


Ugh: One more thing narcissistic millennials will expect their overworked parents to do for/with them RT @TheLMagazine: Parents tag along on job interviews. bit.ly/181YEr3

Man in plaid observing Charline von Heyl @Petzel. Do some of her new paintings
“coast on a deliberate sketchiness”?

More about WATER @ Proteus Gowanus // via @joygarnett http://newsgrist.typepad.com/underbelly/2013/09/opening-at-proteus-gowanus-water.html


Therapist (and childhood friend) Gary Greenberg blogs about psychiatric-drug industry @NewYorker, then amusingly responds to reader comments in his blog http://www.garygreenbergonline.com/w/?p=386


“Motherhood, A Novel Approach,” at Frosch & Portmann, Lit Crawl TONIGHT, LES.


Paul Behnke: An artist who collects art http://structureandimagery.blogspot.com/2013/09/on-walls-in-new-apartment.html


Day Glo! Justine Frischmann in SF http://contemporarydrawingsalon.blogspot.com/2013/08/justine-frischmann-san-fransisco.html

“The lavish surface textures and oil paint mixed with other media [in “Reinventing Abstraction”] make today’s abstract paintings seem especially anemic…” http://www.artcritical.com/2013/08/31/reinventing-abstraction/


“Does it need holes?” On trypophobia, or the fear of holes http://hyperallergic.com/82735/hole-y-terror-and-evolution/


“The gallery is an outmoded construct, serving collectors at the cost of artists. Collectors are an outmoded construct, viewing artists through the diminished lens of commodity and lobbying to protect the equity in their…” From @PostArtPoets MT @museumnerd: Very interesting manifesto. THE PAP MANIFESTO http://www.postartpoets.com/

Just got back from the opening in Westchester. My clothes are a sopping heap on the floor. #torrentialdownpour / Image above: Corner installation of small paintings at “Dense Surveillance.”

Peter Schjeldahl: “It’s like reality never stops, but he’d prefer that it did.” #Hopper via @whitneymuseum. Note: Hopper Drawing, the first major museum exhibition to focus on the drawings and creative process of Edward Hopper (1882–1967), is only up through October 6, 2013. Truly obsessive observational drawing (image above).